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NovaTrek Limited belongs to an IT group of companies with bureaus and data centres in the UK, Italy Germany and India. The group core activity is to provide solutions and develop applications for Data and document management including conversion, warehousing and retrieval. The leitmotif of our group is to deliver best quality work always on time and beyond the expectations of its clients.


Since time immemorial commercial activity is process driven. The processes are time tested but are not necessarily efficient and cost effective. NovaTrek steps in to analyse the Business Processes currently in use and offer advice for improvement and better management. Not only the solutions offered improve the efficiency but the solution (software) is user friendly and provides instant visual interpretation of the process. The business processes suggested afford commercial advantage over the current practice.


We capture data from scanned images or physical documents. We have developed proprietary software which can be used to capture data from different types of forms. We use high end software and state of the art hardware and technology for swift and accurate data capture. The result is a clean, accurate, uniform digital file, formatted to the client specifications. At NovaTrek we understands the need for data protection, security and business continuity needs of the clients during data entry, storage, delivery and retrieval. Quality control and security procedures are built into the processes.


• We can convert any type of document, be it receipts, manuals, handwritten notes, legal files, records, images and accounting sheets amongst others
• Rendering the scanned documents in any type of format, such as, TIFF, PDF or JPEG
• We offer document scanning services in colour, grayscale and black & white
• Our document scanning services include automatic as well as manual indexing. We also offer full-text OCR indexing
• We can effectively scan Information which is on paper, office documents, fax etc. and delivered to business applications.